Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easy installation instruction for TinyOS 1.x

I'm not an expert in TinyOS so search in google for indepth questions regarding tinyOS & hardware involved. I'm covering only the installation process here.
Installing TinyOS was cumbersome & frustrating experience for me. It took me more than one month to get it working stage. I tried to install it in 4-5 OSs many times including Xubuntos, Ubuntu, RedHat, Windows XP etc. No proper document covering all aspect of installation is available for it. I have gone through 'n' number of documents for installing it in different OS but of no help. I was running out of time allotted for my project which further added to my frustration. All those times I was trying to install it in tinyOS 2.x. So next I gave  tinyOS 1.x a try. Some steps were missing in all documents concerning tinyOS which I realised while going through TinyOS help pages archive. At last I installed tinyos-1.x in Windows XP inside VMware & Windows 7 as my host OS. Of course any VMware supporting OS can be the host OS like linux distributions. As there was no proper documents available for it, I decided to write a blog to save others from such a frustrating experience.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My WSN Project : Data Sensing and secured Data forwarding in WSN using MICAz motes.

The project aims for Data Sensing & Secured Data Forwarding in serial multi-hop wireless sensor networks using Micaz based motes. Data sensing & forwarding it in secure manner is sensitive issue in wireless networks. Muti-hop network design is preferable over access point based networks as future design in employing home network because of its wide coverage and flexibility to adjacent with the architecture of home. Implementing a secure data forwarding mechanism requires a balance between energy requirement, sampling rate & battery life. Micaz motes possess Light, temperature, RH, barometric pressure, acceleration/Seismic sensors which can sense the data. In our project each mote will be connected via mesh topology and gateway act as a base station. Every mote in its vicinity will sense temperature & other sensed data & transfer the resultant data to its next mote. At the end we will measure temperature in a particular range & it will be displayed in the PC.

Friday, March 19, 2010